Saturday, August 25, 2012

my first dress

here is a picture of the dress i made for evie. i had an unfinished embroidered pillowcase and i am not sure where it came from. i sort of followed a pattern and sort of made it up. i scalloped the bottom to follow the stitching and just did a simple arm seam by lining the top. then i used some vintage snap fasteners that were my grandma's to finish it at the shoulders. i don't know how to do much when it comes to sewing clothes yet, so i figured i'd get to buttons later. i love how this came out.

new photos!

the photo shoot was awesome. as always my model was great. the craziest thing is how almost everything i have in inventory fits her. crazy.

here are a few pieces that are not yet posted, but on their way to the shop...



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new found creativity!

i have been suddenly overwhelmed by a need to create. i suppose it's because i just started looking at things on pinterest. oh lord.

i have done some of my first sewing over the past week or two. i will post pictures in the next few days. i have lots of shirts and sweatshirts that were my dad's and i can't get myself to get rid of them. so, i am trying to come up with interesting ways to repurpose them. i am always looking for ideas, so i welcome any comments!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

look for a bunch of new photos at angeline's attic next week. my model, another great niece of angeline's will be helping me out this weekend. even a new wedding dress. so beautiful.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

gloves gloves gloves

there are many pairs of gloves on angeline's attic right now, and a few more to come. check it out!

let's get going here!

so, i kind of gave up on this blog. but, i have been re-inspired to get going again. there is a lot of new stuff in my life, including my amazing Evelyn. she is a great little helper and the joy of my day!

angeline's attic is up and running. all vintage and so much fun.
designs by julie is still up too. all handmade and supplies.

watch for much more happening around here. sales info, project updates and other stuff too!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

a whole new look!

designs by julie is getting a whole new makeover! please check things out. i will be phasing out the vintage from this shop and focusing on my hand made pieces. you can find all of my vintage over at angeline's attic.